EGGER is a steadily growing, global family company from the wood-based panels sector. Founded by Fritz Egger in 1961, the EGGER Group today has nineteen plants mostly in eight European countries and around 9600 employees. The company is a full-range supplier for the furniture industry and interior design, wood construction and laminate flooring sectors.

After 58 years of operation, the EGGER Group continues to be owned by the EGGER family: namely, brothers Michael and Fritz Egger, sons of Fritz Egger senior. As the owners, they help to determine the strategic guiding principles.


The business operations of the family company are led by EGGER Group Management with Thomas Leissing, Ulrich Bühler and Walter Schiegl.

In financial year 2017/18 the sales of EGGER was 2.68 billion EUR. EGGER recorded increased sales and its EBITDA increased by 16,6% to 445,8 million EUR. In 2017/2018 all key indicators experienced a positive development, EGGER set a new turnover record for the entire history of the company.

EGGER offers innovative products and high quality standards throughout Europe and the whole world. EGGER’s mission is “More from wood”. The company believes that wood should be treated with respect. Doing business in a sustainable manner is a daily practice for EGGER.

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