Environment and sustainability

At EGGER, sustainable development is a priority and a strategic goal. The company’s mission is “More from wood” which ensures that wood, which is a renewable resource, is used in the production in a sustainable way.

EGGER’s work is guided by the values of dynamism, loyalty, responsibility, trust and the preservation of the pioneering spirit of a family-run company.

EGGER’s sustainability policy has two main elements. The first, which is the application of the most advanced technologies, is described in detail in the section “Technology and environmental standards”. The second pillar is the organization of processes according to closed environmental cycle.

Like in nature, the processes in the plants of EGGER Group are coordinated in cycles. The application of cascade use of wood allows to extend the time that the same resources can be used and re-used for production. This approach optimizes the sustainable use of resources by maximally extending their lifecycle.

Wood does not lose its calorific or energy value throughout its lifetime. For this reason, EGGER makes sure that with its products the resource is not used only once and is burnt directly, but as materials as long as possible. Based on that, up to 30% of wood used in production in EGGER Group factories comes from recycling.

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