Our employment standards

One of the key assets of EGGER Group are employees. The employment standards introduced at the level of the Group apply to all 9900 people employed around Europe. We continuously invest in the development and professional growth of our staff, offering stable and high quality employment.

At EGGER employees are very satisfied with their working places and stay with the company for dozens of years. The majority of employees not only identifies with the company but also enjoy working for EGGER. In the latest employee opinion survey, 80% of staff said that they were proud to work for EGGER.

EGGER provides dedicated health programs for employees and organizes various health and well-being activities for the employees, such as sports classes or free fruits on selected days.

The safety of the employees is EGGER’s top priority. The best available technologies ensuring safety of workers will be applied in the Biskupiec plant. EGGER has also implemented very strict safety procedures followed by the employees and conducts regular training sessions at all its plants and offices.

The company has a very low accidents rate which in the last two business years was 0.2%. This rate also includes accidents that occur on the way to and from the workplace. This means that EGGER’s employees work at factories in an extremely safe environment.

As a result of high standards of employment policy, EGGER has received numerous prizes as an employer, due to high employee loyalty and a sense of identification with the company, in all countries where the company operates.

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