EGGER plants

Eighteen out of nineteen EGGER factories are located in Europe: in Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Poland and in EGGER’s plants are usually located in rural areas.

In accordance with EGGER Group strategy, every new plant is a long-term investment.

The first chipboard factory of EGGER was opened in St. Johann in Tirol in 1961. The factory operates until today, which means that it works continuously for almost 60 years and has many years of work in front of it. The same applies to other factories of the company.

The plant in Biskupiec is the 19th plant of EGGER Group and will create around 450 direct and further 600 indirect jobs in Warmia and Mazury.

The main focus of the production will be chipboards for the furniture industry. The plant will produce 650.000 m3 of chipboards annually. 

It will be a key plant in this part of Europe equipped with the best available technologies, both in terms of safety, production and emissions reduction.

It is a long-term investment planned for several next generations.

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