Our products

EGGER  is a supplier for the furniture industry and interior design, wood construction and laminate flooring sectors. The company puts a lot of emphasis on driving forward the technological innovations in order to consistently improve its products.

EGGER manufactures a full-range of products for furniture and interior design: various kinds of chipboards, MDF boards, HDF boards, lightweight boards or melamine faced boards.

The company also offers building products: wide range of OSB board, OSB flooring board, vapor-permeable and moisture-resistant fiberboard and sawn timber.

The offer also includes high quality laminate floorings.

At Biskupiec, EGGER will produce approximately 650 000 cubic meters of chipboards. A part of the production will be focused on raw chipboards and a significant percentage of the production will be supplemented with decorative paper and other types of paper finishing products produced in EGGER.

The raw materials used for production are largely by-products of wood processing, like sawdust and hackchips. The company will also use roundwood that can’t be used for sawmilling (industrial roundwood), slabwood and recycled wood fibre.

EGGER plans to set up its own system for collecting recycling wood in two Polish cities, most probably, in Gdańsk and Warszawa. From there or from third party wood recycling companies, the recycled material will be transported to the plant in Biskupiec. It is worth mentioning that up to 30% of wood used in chipboard production comes from recycling.

The groups capacity and the demand for wood-based materials, including timber, is constantly rising. In 2015/2016, it was at the level of 7.7 million m³, up from 7.59 million m³ a year earlier. EGGER expects this trend to continue in the coming years.

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