A responsible neighbor

EGGER actively participates in the development of the regions where it operates. The construction of the plant in Biskupiec, which started in October 2017, will be the first step in that direction. It will create around 400 direct and further 600 indirect jobs in local companies.

Moreover, the investment in Biskupiec will lead to the economic activation of the region. EGGER’s experience in building new factories in various regions of Europe indicates that new investments have a positive influence on the development of

  • catering services,
  • hospitality,
  • building sector and building suppliers,
  • maintenance industry,
  • transport,
  • translation services.

Further, the new plant will increase the investment attractiveness of the region and, as a result, additional income might be recorded by the city budget.

Given that every community has different expectations and problems, EGGER always listens to the needs of local community and takes them into account when planning its activities in the region. The company also actively cooperates with the local and regional authorities for the benefit of local inhabitants.

EGGER constantly undertakes activities aimed at education and the development of the residents. The company introduces educational programs in schools, sponsors regional initiatives and organizes its own events.

An example of these projects is “EGGER runs” campaign. For every kilometer run by the employee the company donates funds to local charities. These funds are distributed to various aid organizations in the regions surrounding company’s plants. EGGER also encourages the employees to participate in running with providing them with running clothes and refunding the event's participation fees.

Furthermore, EGGER supports the local community (social, education and environmental protection), preferably in defined projects which directly benefit the local inhabitants.

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