Working at EGGER

Working at EGGER

The EGGER Group employs 9600 people from 60 countries. EGGER’s staff is made up of one, strong team with the employees feeling more like family and a group of friends than co-workers.

The employees identify with the company and its family values as proven by the time they stay with the company – more than 10 years on average. This is a very high result considering that some of the plants in the Group are younger than 10 years.

One of EGGER’s strategic goals is to be the most attractive employer in its respective regions.

The company continuously invests in the employees and offers fair, stable and long-term employment opportunities. Moreover, the company greatly values individual development options and offers attractive career opportunities.

How to work for EGGER in Biskupiec?

The functioning of the factory requires

  • production, service/maintenance workers,
  • office workers,
  • management,
  • other supportive functions.

The start of production is scheduled for the Spring of 2019.

EGGER will make every effort to ensure that Poles from the region of Warmia and Mazury will be employed in the factory in Biskupiec.

Detailed information about employment is available on the investment website on the subpage "Job Offers", at and in the local Employment Office in Biskupiec.

Aditionally, information boards have been placed in three localizations in Biskupiec, where we constantly update job offers.

If you are interested to join our team, you can send your CV through the e-mail address or hand it in at the local employment office.

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