Investment description

The factory located outside of Biskupiec, to the south-east of the city, will be the 19th plant of EGGER Group in Europe and the 1st in Poland. The estimated value of the Investment of EGGER in Biskupiec is over 1 billion PLN.

The first Polish plant of the EGGER Group will produce approximately 650 000 cubic meters of chipboards annually using safe and the most modern technology. In the factory EGGER will create over 450 direct new jobs. As a result of the Investment, further 600 indirect jobs have been created by business partners and local small & medium businesses.

Biskupiec will be a key plant for EGGER Group in this part of Europe. The production focuses mainly on chipboards for the furniture industry. It is a long-term project planned for several next generations.

The factory, apart from creating new jobs, will increase the attractiveness of the region for other investors. It is the most modern factory of the entire EGGER Group and has been equipped with state-of-the-art machines and techniques which will provide a high level of environmental protection and safety at work.

The plant is located in the area at the intersection of national roads No.16 and 57. The location of the Investment meets all the requirements regarding the distance from cities and residential buildings. The size of the plot dedicated for the investment is around 85 hectares. However, the installations of the plant will not cover the entire area.

The construction of the factory started in October 2017 and the plant has started its production on the 28 June 2019.

The factory has been divided into several major parts, such as wood storage, production, further processing, product magazine and administration. The location of different parts of the factory has been chosen in such a way as to minimize the impact of the factory on the surroundings and the environment. For example, the sounds coming from the production segment will be muted by the magazines and the wood storage.

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