Technology and environmental standards

The new EGGER factory in Biskupiec will be the most modern factory of the entire EGGER Group for many years to come. The plant has applied Best Available Techniques (BAT) which means that the company  uses the most effective and advanced equipment, installations, technological solutions, methods of operations and other activities to reduce emissions and the impact of the factory on the environment.

Environmental protection and sustainable use of resources is extremely important for EGGER. As an investor, EGGER is well aware that Mazury and Warmia are the "Green lungs of Poland". Because of this, the company pays special attention to the quality of air around our investment. Therefore, the plant has been equipped with the most modern equipment reducing emissions of pollutants into the air.

Several of EGGER factories are located in highly attractive tourist destinations in other European countries, for example, the company’s headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol in Austria. The factory in Austria, during its many years of operation, had a neutral influence on the environment or touristic attractiveness of the region – the same situation is in the 18 other production locations of EGGER.

Wherever EGGER is operating, it has also become a member of the local community who undertakes a variety of actions supporting local inhabitants. At the same time, the factories positively influence the economic development of the respective regions.

The plant is the most modern EGGER’s factory not only regarding the limited impact on the environment but also regarding production process and safety of workers. Due to the use of the latest technology the work in factory is safe for employees. A significant part of the production is automated.

EGGER Group 2020 | Imprint