Why Biskupiec

The selection of Biskupiec as a location for the investment, was preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the available investment areas in Poland.

  • Biskupiec offered an excellent access to a well-developed transport infrastructure, both in terms of roads and railways, guaranteeing significant load capacity. As such, this has been a key issue with a significant impact on the functioning of the factory. The plant is located next to two national roads and in the vicinity of the railway network, which has important implications for transport issues.
  • Further, the potential of local workforce and experience of the community in wood processing was another advantage of the region. The representatives of local residents are already aware of the value of wood as a natural resource. EGGER believes that a lot of talented people live in the region. The company can help them develop their abilities and grow their skills.
  • Moreover, EGGER decided to invest in Poland also because furniture and wood processing markets in Poland are developing steadily and rapidly. In 2015, the total value of production amounted to 40 billion PLN, a yearly increase of around 11%. The sector is one of the key exporting segments of Polish economy. Last year, the exported products were worth around 8.6 billion EUR.
  • EGGER operates on the Polish furniture market since the early 1990s and has cooperated with more than 150 business partners in Poland. As one of the biggest global players from the wood-based panels sector, EGGER would like to participate in the development of the Polish  furniture and wood processing sector more than ever. The factory in Biskupiec will be an important step towards achieving this goal.
  • At the same time, local politicians who showed a great understanding of the investment and were very supportive played an important role in the process of choosing Biskupiec. Fruitful cooperation with local decision-makers and residents from the very beginning of the project, allows the company to look into the future with optimism.

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