A year of development and challenges


The Biskupiec factory of the EGGER Group is already one year old. The first raw chipboard rolled off the belt on exactly 28 June 2019. This was the symbolic launch of the 19th plant of the Austrian Group worldwide and the first in Poland. The following months marked the launch of further departments (lamination, worktops). It was a time of systematic development and continuous improvement of the crew. Although they have had training (among others in other plants of the Group in the world), only everyday work provides experience and helps to gain high qualifications. It was a demanding period, explains Logistics Director and EGGER Board Member Biskupiec Michał Serafin: - From the very start, we had the opportunity to test many solutions and processes that had to be moderated and locally adapted to the current macroeconomic situation. We are really proud how fast the team in BIS has made progress and initiated own activities.

Over the last 12 months, more than 450,000 cubic metres of wood-based products have been produced in Biskupiec. 80 percent of the production went to the Polish market. A lot to plants from Warmia and Mazury.   The factory also exports its products mainly to the Baltic countries, but also to Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Austria or Germany. Products from Biskupiec are even sent to the USA, where another EGGER Group factory is being built. The crew had to deal with the difficulties caused by the epidemic. As sales director and board member Waldemar Zawiślak says, it was a hardening period for the entire team. – We are doing well in difficult time! We managed to maintain full employment, customer service, continuity of production and most of all, in health. Above all, we proved to ourselves that we can create a harmonious team and adversity only strengthens us. Thanks to this we can now celebrate our first birthday together!

At the moment, over 480 people work in the Biskupiec factory. EGGER is a valued employer in the region. Employees can count on free transport, meals and a medical package. The stability of employment is also important. - Recent months have been difficult due to the specific conditions of the epidemic. However, it is at this point that the stability of a large organisation can be appreciated. The company provided us with safe working conditions, we were also sure of continuity of employment and remuneration. - says Piotr Niedźwiedzki from the maintenance department.

Since the beginning of its activity in Biskupiec, the company has been known as a responsible neighbour and partner for the local community. The residents could count on the support of many local initiatives. Financial and in-kind support was provided to local educational institutions, the TSO unit, sports and cultural associations. Recent months have seen active support from Biskupiec institutions in the fight against COVID (co-financing of the purchase of sanitary equipment). In June, EGGER donated half a million zlotys to the hospital in Biskupiec as a co-financing for the purchase of a tomograph.


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