Application of recycling in the production process of chipboard

In the EGGER Group, we invest in resource-saving technologies, so we take into account the recycling of wood in the production process. With this new technology of using recycled wood materials as a raw material, we protect valuable forest resources and give wood another life.

For the production of wood-based materials we use three types of materials: products sawmill by-products, industrial wood and recycled materials.

Sawmill by-products include woodchips, sawdust, sawdust and shavings. Recycled material is wood waste from recycled finished products such as furniture, pallets or wood packaging, and nonmarketable own-produced products (so-called production rejects). Industrial wood is small diameter wood from sustainable forest management.

We pay attention to buying recycled material only from specialist waste disposal companies. In the UK, Germany and Romania, the EGGER Group operates its own recycling companies under the name Timberpak. Similar two points are being built in Poland - in Warsaw and Gdansk. Additional products and waste generated during production are recycled. Even residues from panel processing from customers (furniture manufacturers) are collected and used in the production cycle as a raw material. This type of raw material is processed by nine of the Group's eleven plants dealing with production of particle board.

Due to the impregnation of wood and finishing with coatings of wood panels or furniture, waste wood may contain heavy metals or banned today organic compounds of chlorine PCP (polychlorinated phenols). Manufacturers must use careful sorting methods in order to ensure that only uncontaminated recycled wood is used for further production.

In our Group we process only recycled wood from furniture, pallets, wood and other appropriate building and demolition elements. Recycling companies separate contaminated wood at the reception stage. The material is then subjected to further visual inspection by employees of the plant and cleaned of impurities such as metal, sand or plastic and then processed into clean wood chips in several stages.

Up to 30% of the wood used in our chipboard comes from the recycling process.


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