Biskupiec representatives visit the EGGER Group's oldest factory in Sankt Johann, Tirol

On August 1-2, 2018, a group of eight representatives of the Biskupiec residents and two local journalists visited the first chipboard factory in the Egger Group in Sankt Johann, Tyrol. The aim of the study visit was to see the plant in operation, with the closest production profile to the one built by our Group in Biskupiec, and to talk to the owner of the company and our specialists in the field of environmental protection and production, in order to explain, first of all, all the environmental issues.


We are pleased to inform you that on August 1-2, 2018, we hosted a group of Biskupiec residents, including Mrs. Vice Mayor, city councillors, Pastor of the St. John the Baptist Parish, a representative of the neighbouring plot gardens, a representative of the local angling community and a local businessman, at our factory in St. Johann, Tirol.

We started our meeting by welcoming Mr. Michael Egger, the owner of the Egger Group, and Mr. Walter Schiegl, the representative of the Management Board of the Egger Group. Mr. Egger briefed the guests on the history of the family and the values that guide us in our daily work with Egger.

On 2nd August we started the day with a presentation of the Egger Group - our history, our vision:  “more from wood” and our values. We presented the products that we manufacture throughout the Group, placing particular emphasis on those that we will be manufactured in Biskupiec. We presented our environmental cycle and explained why responsible use of raw materials and sustainable development are so important to us. In our presentation, we also focused on clarifying the use of recycled raw material for production - first of all, we explained that this raw material will be used as an input for particle board and not as a fuel for a biomass boiler.

The next stage of our meeting was a thorough visit to the production plant - from the receipt of raw materials, the factory laboratory, through the process of creation of layers of the board, to the pressing of the raw board. We have carefully scrutinized the process of panel lamination, i.e. the application of decoration to raw particleboards and the production of worktops. We have not missed the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the control room where the operation of the boiler room is monitored - where individual parameters of biomass combustion are controlled. Our guests were also happy to see the room where the boiler is located. In total, visiting the factory we covered almost 9 km, the curiosity of our guests did not stop them from even a thorough look at the process of biomass burning, where the ambient temperature reached over 40 degrees Celsius.

Throughout the tour our specialists were patiently answering all questions from our guests, from the source of raw material purchase, through the issue of the impact of production on the surrounding environment, to the questions related to our emerging plant in Biskupiec.

We are very pleased that our guests have been involved in the preparation of questions for our specialists. Thanks to this, we know that this trip was very necessary - it allowed us to respond to the troubling issues that arose on a daily basis in the Biskupiec town. Our specialists were patiently answering all the questions that had been asked regarding the use of recycling materials, water management or biomass components that will be used in Biskupiec.

One of them was missing: we are very sorry that the representatives of the local ecological association "

Warto być" did not take advantage of our invitation. Certainly, a close look at the factory, a direct conversation with our specialists would allow us to have a constructive discussion and to discuss many environmental concerns and, as a result, to dispel any doubts and concerns.


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