Dynamic development of EGGER

The EGGER Group is not only a family business operating for many decades with a long tradition of wood processing. It is also a modern enterprise with global aspirations and a promising future,  which is confirmed by our new investments in Europe and America.

Last year was extremely successful for our company, not only in terms of financial results, but also in the area of increasing our processing capacity and entering new markets. In July we have managed to take over the Masisa furniture factory in Concordia, Argentina and announced the creation of a new production plant in Lexington, North Carolina. In October we have started the construction of a factory in Biskupiec.

Investments in the USA and Argentina are our first factories on the American continent. Their aim is to provide the EGGER Group with a significant position on these markets and to improve our logistics. The production plant in Warmia will certainly contribute to the further development of our activity in Poland.

Due to the good economic situation in recent years, currently we own 18 factories in Europe, Asia and South America. We also run 26 offices located on 4 continents. In 2019 EGGER Biskupiec and in 2020 EGGER Lexington will become 19th and 20th our production plants.



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