EGGER as a neighbour. Opinions of the Mayors of the communes, where EGGER plans are located.

What is the impact of the new EGGER plant on the town and its inhabitants? The people of Biskupiec are right to be asking this question. And nobody can give a better answer than inhabitants of those municipalities that have had an EGGER plant on their territory for several decades. For this reason, we’ve asked some of the Mayors of towns that have EGGER plants to share their experiences with people in Biskupiec. Here are their statements:

Mag. Matthias Stadler, Mayor of St. Pölten (EGGER Unterradlberg, AT – since 1970)

FRITZ EGGER Holzwerkstoffe has been working closely with the town of St. Pölten – Unterradlberg since its establishment in the industrial area St. Pölten. The production company with significant research and development competences as well as exceptional international relations has become a leading venture and key showcase for the business site St. Pölten. EGGER, as a large employee, lives up to its social responsibility through an exemplary corporate structure and participation in numerous projects as well as activities, some of them together with the town of St. Pölten.

Statement of Mag. Martin Gutkas, Head of the Department of Public Administration: “The magistrate of the town of St. Pölten, Department of Public Administration, herewith attests that the company Fritz Egger GmbH & Co OG operates its facility in St. Pölten, Tirolerstraße 16, in close cooperation with the Construction and Trade Department. Development stages are discussed in a timely manner and in detail with the authorities, commitments are kept. The company has a consolidated decision pursuant to Environmental Management Law, and regularly performs its environmental auditing. The authorities haven’t received any complaints from the population regarding the management, production, or storage of raw materials or end products. There are also no notifications from the Labour Department for violations of employee protection regulations, work hours, etc.”

In summary, I would like to underline that there is great trust between EGGER and the town of St. Pölten and the cooperation is seen as very positive.

Dr. Christoph Bartsch, Mayor of Brilon (EGGER Brilon, DE – since 1990)

EGGER’s chipboard plant was established in Brilon in 1989, and production started in 1991 with 200 employees. At the time, Brilon was in a difficult economic situation, since several large companies had closed since the mid-80s, and many workers were laid off. Despite the promise of new jobs, the population was very much against the planned arrival of EGGER, very quickly reaching an emotional level that was immune to objective arguments. We must thank the persistence of those involved in politics and administration at the time that the industrial site was nevertheless developed.

In particular, the fears at the time that the plant would have a negative impact on the environment were not confirmed. In fact, the opposite is true: in December 2016, Brilon received the label Kneipp Spa primarily thanks to the good air quality.

Today, EGGER employs almost 1,100 people, which makes it the largest employer in the medium-sized town of 26,500 inhabitants. EGGER has made a significant contribution to lifting Brilon out of the economic depression of the 80s (with unemployment rates of up to 18.5%) and turning it into the modern and innovative economic hub of the present, close to full employment. The Austrian company should also be seen as a very important motivator for other industries to come to Brilon, while the impact on local craftsmanship, restaurants, and hotels, as well as urban development due to the influx of workers has been huge.

Furthermore, EGGER is a very important and highly reliable partner of the town of Brilon for the implementation of the so-called soft economic factors. A very successful cooperation with the town of Brilon and other local enterprises has for many years been taking the form of cultural and sports events sponsoring, aiming to turn Brilon into an attractive place to live and work.

Thomas Beyer, Mayor of the Hanseatic city of Wismar (EGGER plant Wismar, DE – since 1999)

EGGER represents a real gain for the Hanseatic city of Wismar, as well as a great success factor for our wood cluster. Today, EGGER is one of the most important and largest employers in town. The company has created a lot more than 800 jobs, and it is characterised by its consistent and sustainable investments in the location. EGGER is an industrial company that enjoys the full acceptance of the population in the Unesco World Heritage City of Wismar, and one that has committed to strict environmental protection rules. Furthermore, the company has multiple lines of involvement, and its commitment far exceeds what can be expected. For example, EGGER is involved in the WOW initiative, which deals with the challenge of attracting specialists. This remains a central question for the economic location in general. The company is also very present as donor or sponsor in culture and sports. EGGER is thus an important and essential part of the Hanseatic city of Wismar.

Stefan Seiwald, Mayor of the market town of St. Johann in Tirol (EGGER headquarters, AT – since 1961)

EGGER and the market town of St. Johann in Tirol have had a close relationship for more than 55 years. The family business is a key engine and an important support for the regional economy. EGGER is an attractive employer and is socially involved in its environment. Over the years, EGGER has experienced strong international growth, but never lost touch with our region. We have been even closer since 2008. More than 1,500 homes, the regional hospital, and the community centre, as well as the swimming and leisure centre in St. Johann are supplied by EGGER with district heating.



Original letter from Mayor of St.Polten

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Original letter from Mayor of Brilon

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