EGGER as a partner of the Attraction of the Deer Competition

On Saturday, August 31, 2019, the 12th Tadeusz Madej Warmia Deer Attraction Competition took place in the Nowe Ramuki Forest Inspectorate.

The organizers of the event were the New Frame Forest Inspectorate and the Natural Association "Puszcza Ramucka".

The event consisted in imitating the voice of bulls, i.e. male deer during the mating season called rutting season. The event attracted many people interested in hunting topics, and 21 competitors took part in the competition itself.

The jury was composed of judges: Andrzej Misiak - the champion of Europe in attracting deer, Janusz Jeznach - the long-term Forest Inspector of the New Ramuki Forest Inspectorate and Marek Trędowski - the Forest Inspector of the Silk Road Inspectorate honored: Marcin Zeg, Jakub Karasiński and Jan Szkiłądz.

On that day, experts also presented other sounds produced by animals and hunting dogs. Mr Łukasz Glica presented and told about the common hawk, peregrine falcon and common eagle owl. The whole event was accompanied by a team of hunting whistleblowers.


EGGER Biskupiec Team

Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec, Nadleśnicwto Nowe Ramuki


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