EGGER as a partner of the Family Picnic in Biskupiec

EGGER company for the third time was a partner of Biskupiec in the Family Picnic on the occasion of Children's Day, an event to ensure great fun and smile on the lips of children.

Our company joined the event by inviting children to creatively assemble wooden puzzles - dinosaurs, butterflies or planes. The task was not easy, because each of the toys consisted of many parts, there were no instructions and only a complex model on which one could model oneself. Despite the difficulties, the toddlers did well. The party lasted several hours in beautiful weather. Our tent was visited by over a hundred kids with their parents not only from the town and commune of Biskupiec.

We are glad that once again we could make the youngest joy.

Involvement in the life of the local community is one of the most valued values by the employees of the EGGER Group. The company's factories are built with a view to many years of operation in mind. The employees employed in it are mainly inhabitants of the production plants and the region. This is why EGGER is committed to sustainable neighbourly relations. The Group actively participates in the development of the regions in which it operates and willingly cooperates with local authorities. It supports the inhabitants of the localities where its factories operate, both in the area of social and educational activities. Supporting didactic actions is one of the company's priorities. It runs numerous educational programs in schools, sponsors regional initiatives, organizes its own events and supports healthy eating and living.


EGGER Biskupiec Team


Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec


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