EGGER as a partner of the Harvest Festival in Biskupiec

On September 8, 2019, the annual Harvest Festival of the Biskupiec Municipality took place. This ceremony began in the church of St. John the Baptist with a mass during which the crops were thanked for and celebrated. Then the procession went to the city amphitheatre, where all the villages with home-made delicacies were set up. Traditionally, the Mayor of Biskupiec gave the bread from this year's flour, divided it later and distributed it to the audience gathered in the amphitheatre.

During the musical part of the event, the competition committee strolled between the villages' stands and evaluated their appearance. The winner was the stand from Rudziska, overtaking Węgój and Rukławki. Breads were also evaluated, awarding them from the best place: Czerwonce, Bork Wielki and Droszew. The most beautiful wreath was presented by the inhabitants of Kobułty, followed by Stryjewo and Biskupiec Kolonie.

On that day EGGER Biskupiec was also present on this important traditional holiday, providing the youngest inhabitants of the commune with entertainment and animation. And our representatives willingly provided information about the already functioning plant, as well as about the possibilities of taking up a job in our factory.

Involvement in the local community is one of the most valued values of the EGGER Group's employees. The company's factories are built with a view to many years of operation in mind. Its employees are mainly from the vicinity of the production plants and the region. This is why EGGER is committed to sustainable neighbourly relations. The Group actively participates in the development of the regions in which it operates and willingly cooperates with local authorities. It supports the inhabitants of the localities where its factories operate, both in the area of social and educational activities.


EGGER Biskupiec team

Photos: EGGER Biskupiec, City Hall Biskupiec


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