EGGER as partner of the Lake Reclamation Programme Kraks Mały

On the 25th of September 2018. representatives of Egger Biskupiec signed together with the Mayor of Biskupiec Kamil Kozłowski an agreement on the reclamation of Lake Kraks Mały. The programme assumes the implementation of its individual points in the years 2019-2021.

The following works are planned under the programme:

- cutting off the inflow of pollutants to the lake

- deepening of the northern part of the lake

- improvement of lake self-cleaning processes

- inactivation of mineral phosphorus in water and bottom sediments

- removal of excess biomass from plants immersed in the northern and southern parts of the lake in the bathing area and about 250-300 metres from the bathing area

- reed cutter

- restocking with species of predatory fish: pike (spawning- and summer fry), zander (summer fry).

- monitoring the effects of reclamation activities


The cost of the programme for the next three years is estimated at PLN 1.2 million. Egger will cover half of this amount.


Environmental protection is extremely important for EGGER, so we are very pleased that we can be a part of a project important for the inhabitants of Biskupiec. The investor is well aware of the fact that Lake Kraks is an attraction of the city and that is why he willingly engaged in its reclamation.


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