EGGER at World Entrepreneurship Week

The eleventh edition of World Entrepreneurship Week was celebrated from 12-18 November in more than 170 countries. It is an international project promoting conscious development, active attitude towards life and taking business initiatives. Each year in November, organizations, institutions and companies that care about developing entrepreneurship organize free training courses, workshops, debates on setting up and developing their own business, building networks, developing start-ups, returning to the labour market, negotiating with employers, building their own brands.

As part of the celebrations of the Entrepreneurship Week - "Open Company", the School Complex in Biskupiec invited representatives of our company to participate. During their speech, our colleagues responsible for recruitment in Egger Biskupiec, talked about the process at our company. They spent a lot of time explaining how to prepare a CV document properly - they explained to students how to arrange particular elements graphically, how to distinguish important aspects of education and professional experience in a CV and what not to write. In their presentation, they provided information about the interview, what questions candidates can expect, as well as what factors influence the choice of a particular candidate. Students learned what opportunities for professional development await them in the particle board factory being built in the Biskupiec.

Meetings with representatives of institutions and companies gave young people an opportunity for direct contact with the business community, introduced the basic principles of starting and running a business, showed how business can take care of the natural environment and how a specific company implements the recruitment process in practice.


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