EGGER Biskupiec as a partner of 23rd Biskupiec Days

From 27th to 28th July 2019 together with the inhabitants we celebrated 23 Days of Biskupiec - the most important celebration of the year.

Saturday turned out to be a very entertaining day. In the morning, sports tournaments for the Mayor of Biskupiec Cup were held, on Lake Dadaj they fought in spinning fishing competitions and sailing regattas. In the afternoon, on the roll-call square in the former military unit, a huge stage, a playground for children and a restaurant garden for adults were prepared. On the stage, talented bishops presented themselves in a concert of young talents.

During these wonderful days, the representatives of EGGER Biskupiec company accompanied the inhabitants of Biskupiec. We were present with our information tent on Saturday afternoon on the roll-call square. We were visited by crowds of children, people interested in working in our plant, inquired what the recruitment process looks like, and above all, people congratulating on the start of production.

Involvement in the local community is one of the most valued values of the EGGER Group's employees. The company's factories are built with a view to many years of operation in mind. The employees employed by the company are mainly inhabitants of the vicinity of production plants and the region. This is why EGGER is committed to sustainable neighbourly relations. The Group actively participates in the development of the regions in which it operates and willingly cooperates with local authorities. It supports the inhabitants of the localities where its factories operate, both in the area of social and educational activities. Supporting didactic actions is one of the company's priorities.


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