EGGER Biskupiec launches Egger Runs initiative! Help measured in kilometers!


With the arrival of the summer season, one of the automatics from Egger Biskupiec inaugurated Egger runs. On June 16, our colleague participated as one of more than two hundred participants in the forest run with obstacles Las Masakras. The event took place in the Olsztyn Municipal Forest - the route was about 8 km long. Participants had to overcome several dozen obstacles - mud, water, swamp, river, rope obstacles, vertical walls.
Despite extremely difficult conditions, Jakub Przybyszewski hard but satisfying fight was won. Huge self-denial and fortitude allowed the contestant to finish the tour. In spite of mud on the face of Cuba crossing the finish line, there was satisfaction and a gigantic smile.
Egger is committed to the health of its employees that is why we promote and support the practice of running disciplines. As part of the Egger runs program, for every kilometer run by our employee, the company allocates funds for local charities. EGGER encourages employees to run by providing them with sportswear and reimbursing fees for participation in organized runs.
For each kilometer 5 euros are counted for charity


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