EGGER Biskupiec partner of the XIV Mazurian Hunting Signalists' Competition in Spychowo

The Spychowo Forest Inspectorate and the Spychowskie Brotherhood of Shooting have been organizing the Tomek Napiórkowski Mazurian Hunting Signalists Competition for many years. On 10-11 August 2018, for the fourteenth time this event was held, which was partnered by Egger Biskupiec.

It is a celebration of hunting signalists who compete in individual and team competitions. This year in Spychowo 61 soloists and 20 bands entered the competition.

At the end of the competition, after announcing the results and giving awards to the best bands and whistleblowers, all participants of the competition gave a gala concert on the stage on 100 corners.

There were also spectacular regatta of lumps on Spychowskie Lake, which are created annually in the Spychowo Forest Inspectorate, as part of the ecological and cultural workshop entitled "The Feast of Mazurian Dłubanka". Also on the stage of the amphitheatre one could bid for paintings painted by artists from different parts of the country.

Involvement in the life of the local community is one of the most valued values by EGGER Group employees. The company's factories are built with many years of operation in mind. Its employees are mainly residents of the surrounding production plants and the region. That is why lasting neighbourly relations are so important for EGGER. The Group actively participates in the development of the regions in which it operates and willingly cooperates with local authorities. It supports the inhabitants of the localities in which its factories operate, both in the area of social and educational activities. Supporting didactic actions is one of the company's priorities.

Photos: Spychowo Forest Inspectorate


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