EGGER Biskupiec plant welcomes residents of Biskupiec

On 27 September 2018, we hosted the residents of Biskupiec, who in August this year visited the oldest plant of the Egger Group in Sankt Johann in Tirol. The purpose of the meeting was to show live the investment, the latest technological solutions applied and to answer all questions related to the operation of our factory.

We started our tour of the plant by showing our two retention tanks and explaining the water management system in the factory. We followed closely the sources of the water entering our tanks, the filtration and treatment processes that will be applied and how we will use it (production and fire protection purposes). We have paid a lot of attention to the discharge of excess water into the municipal sewage system and treatment plant.

We also discussed in detail the cases where excess rainwater can be discharged to Lake Kraks. We explained that this will only take place in the case of exceptionally heavy rainfall (the so-called "fall of the century"), after reaching the maximum level in the reservoirs. Only in such an emergency case the purified water (through coalescing separators) with the use of pumps will be discharged through a canal to the lake.

A question was also asked about the size of the circles used in the water drainage system - their size was calculated on the basis of Polish standards and legal regulations, which use the maximum average annual rainfall on a given area of the area. While determining this value, the size of the whole area of our land (including green areas) was taken into account, and not only the area from which rainwater will be collected. We also emphasized that in the case of warm years, such as this year, we will practically not discharge water to the Crash at all because it will be used for production purposes.

After seeing the tanks, we presented to our guests the building of the maintenance department - offices of our specialists, as well as the locksmith's shop and a three-storey warehouse of spare parts.

Another presented object was a social building, which will house changing rooms for production workers and a canteen.

However, the most important part of our meeting was to trace the production process - from the receipt of raw material, its preparation for further processing to the production of finished chipboard. While visiting the next halls we showed the participants that the installations used in our plant are brand new and, above all, belong to the most modern technological solutions in our industry. Thanks to the selection of such machines, our plant will be the most modern and environmentally friendly plant producing particle board in the whole Europe.

At each stage of our tour of the factory, our specialists answered in detail questions concerning, among others, the origin of our raw material, the use of recycling material in the production process, or monitoring that will be used in our plant. Each question found a reliable answer. Our guests prepared their questions again and we were very pleased to be able to provide an exhaustive and satisfactory answer to each of them. Once again, we have shown that we are transparent and open to all questions, and the doors of our factory are open to anyone who is interested in dialogue and would like to obtain directly from us reliable information about the investment.



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