EGGER Biskupiec renovated an old beach on Lake Kraksy Małe

On the 18th of October 2018r. the official handover of the restored beach at Lake Kraksy Małe in Biskupiec took place. During the last month intensive works were carried out - levelling the sandy surface, laying an exotic wood path, preparing deckchairs for rest. The beach has also been enriched with numerous benches and rubbish bins, and in spring there will be additional gazebos with benches and changing rooms, and the bridge will be renovated.

This is the first stage of changes at Lake Kraksy Małe, in which Egger Biskupiec is involved. In spring 2019. The reclamation of the entire body of water will start. This programme is multi-stage and calculated for three years, and Egger Biskupiec will finance it in 50%.

- We undertook to co-finance the project, because we know how important it is for the inhabitants of Biskupiec - says Waldemar Zawiślak, sales director of EGGER Biskupiec. - We want a recreation and leisure centre to be built here, because the lake is located almost in the city centre. We want the lake to be clean and friendly, and the inhabitants will be happy to rest on it. To make it a showcase of the Bishop. Hence the first works.

The initiator of the renovation of the old beach was an honorary citizen of the Bishop - Frank Dombrowski. - This is my initiative, but the sponsor is EGGER," smiles Frank Dombrowski. - I think that the residents will be satisfied, because thanks to the modernization, the old beach will still serve them.


Pic. Zbigniew Woźniak


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