EGGER Biskupiec supported the youth trip from PSONI Koło in Biskupiec to Germany

EGGER actively participates in the development of the regions in which it operates. The construction of the factory in Biskupiec, which began in October 2017, will be the first step in this direction in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship.

EGGER continuously undertakes activities aimed at education and development of the inhabitants. In the regions where it operates, the company runs educational programs in schools, sponsors regional initiatives and organizes its own events.

In December 2017, Egger EGGER Polska transferred a cheque for the amount of 5,000 euros to the Biskupiec branch of the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities PSONI. This appropriation is intended to cover the purchase of teaching and therapeutic aids used in general development, correctional-compensation and therapeutic classes for children and youth staying in the Rehabilitation, Education and Rearing Centre in Biskupiec.

In addition, the amount provided enabled the Association's pupils to participate in workshops organised in Papenburg, Germany. Thanks to the support, the young people were able to meet their colleagues from that centre and continue their joint work within the framework of the "Theatre Without Borders" project.

The project "Bunte Vielfalt ohne Grenzen - Colourful diversity without borders" was carried out with the financial support of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation, EGGER Polska Sp. z o.o.,  County Office in Olsztyn and Zakłady Mięsne Warmia in Biskupiec.

It is a unique artistic project connecting the youth of both countries, breaking down cultural stereotypes and prejudices, mental and territorial barriers. Its aim is the international integration of people with intellectual disabilities through joint cultural and therapeutic activities with respect to the neighbor’s country, culture and individuality.

During the trip, the children danced and sang together, thanks to which they saw and felt similarities and forgot about differences. The evening visit to the bowling alley helped to break the last barriers. The colors accompanied the participants of the trip during all activities and activities. The PSONI guests looked for vegetables, fruits and other products from the colorful shopping list. In the afternoon they prepared salads full of "colorful diversity". Kitchen is a great place to integrate.  Joint preparation of the salad combines not only the products contained in it, but also brings together those who prepared it together. The tasting during the common barbecue was a wonderful, colorful and tasty finale of one of the days.

The positive emotions that accompanied the young people during their trip toermany will certainly remain in their memories for a long time.

We are very pleased that Egger has contributed to the organization of this trip. 

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