EGGER continues investment in Biskupiec

On the 31st of August, Voivod of Warmia and Mazury issued the building permit for construction of EGGER chipboard production plant in Biskupiec. The company has completed all preparatory work on the investment site and is now starting with above-ground construction works for the factory buildings.


First factory in Poland


The very first EGGER plant in Poland will be the most modern wood processing plant in the EGGER Group, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies. 400 new jobs will be created directly at EGGER's nineteenth factory; additional 600 new employees will be hired by company’s partners and subcontractors.


For several months, EGGER has been conducting preparatory works on site, which have been completed in the summer. Construction works on the plot have now started. EGGER has already signed first contracts with local companies, including Budimex, Przemyslówka Holding from Olsztyn; Pol-Krusz from Mragowo will montage an on-site concrete station and Biskupiec-based Pomarol will deliver several first steel construction parts.


- It is important to us to work with local and regional companies in the construction phase of the plant, also in order to establish reliable long-term relations for the future. EGGER factory in Biskupiec will be one of our most important plants in Europe. It is a long-term investment planned for several generations. – said Waldemar Zawiślak, Sales Manager at EGGER Polska.


Involvement of the local community life

EGGER is always involved in the local community lives, in the areas in which it operates, in order to communicate and maintain good relations with inhabitants. There is no exception in Biskupiec – the company has been organizing information points since April 2017. From the begging of July to the middle of September, every Wednesday, residents could learn more about factory construction, EGGER Group operations and employment policy and possibilities in the information tent placed in the city center. On 12th and 19th September between 2 and 6 pm, local citizens will have yet another opportunity to meet with investor representatives at the parking lot located in Plac Wolności in Biskupiec.


The investment in Biskupiec will contribute to the entrepreneurship development of the local community and of the region. EGGER's experience in building new plants in various regions of Europe shows that new investments have a positive impact on the development of support services, i.e. catering, accommodation, construction, maintenance, translation, transportation and other supporting services. The investor is constantly looking for subcontractors and business partners from the region.

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