Egger has supported AGH University of Science and Technology students in Krakow in their Solar Boat project

This winter Egger decided to support the AGH Solar Boat project implemented by a group of fifty AGH students in Krakow, whose dream was to create an ecological solar boat - a revolutionary solution for maritime transport.

In July 2017, after two years of hard work, days and nights spent in the workshop, the team presented its work - "Baśka" - at the Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge 2017 international competition. They achieved great success by taking fifth place in the general classification of the A class. This year, using their experience, they are improving the boat in order to take the podium.

Egger was eager to engage in such an interesting and innovative project by providing MDF boards that were used in the design of the new improved boat. The construction of a solar boat is an engineering challenge and every detail of the boat needs to be brought to perfection.


We wish the students every success and keep our fingers crossed for making their dreams come true and for taking the podium at the Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge 2018


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