EGGER invites local sawmills and companies which transport loose materials to cooparate

On our investment plot in Biskupiec, where the first Polish production plant of the Egger group is being built for seven months now, production buildings are already visible. Silos can be seen from a distance,
in which chips for the production of furniture boards will be stored. The construction of our plant is progressing dynamically. Already in the fourth quarter of the year, the factory in Biskupiec will start the production of raw chip boards. Therefore, today we are looking for permanent cooperation between local companies dealing in the processing of roundwood, as well as transport companies that offer transport services of loose materials.

We are looking for the following raw materials: sawdust, sawmill dust and wood chips.

We are looking for transport companies that provide transport services with moving floors, reinforced tarpaulins and containers.

What can co-operators count on? For constant cooperation, continuity and reliability of orders and quick unloading at a set time. We also guarantee timely payments. If necessary, we are ready to shorten the waiting time to settle the invoice, using the discount.

Are you interested in our offer? Do you want to discuss individual terms of cooperation?


Antoni Łoziński                                                                                                          Piotr Utnicki

Specjalista Zakupu Surowca                                                                                       Specjalista Zakupu Surowca

i Certyfikacji FSC                                                                                                         M: +48 691 551 023

M: +48 691 253 469                                                                                           

antoni.lozinski@egger com

EGGER Biskupiec team


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