EGGER is a partner of the Family Picnic in Biskupiec

We invite you on the 2 June to the city park in Biskupiec for a family picnic organized by the City Hall on the occasion of Children's Day. The EGGER company is a co-organizer of decoupage workshops for the youngest and attractions in the form of painting houses for homeless dogs and cats from Biskupiec.
During this year's Children's Day celebrations, the local authorities organized in cooperation with EGGER numerous fun proposals that will help children spend a very attractive afternoon. Children will be able to enjoy such surprises as: a bouncy adventure park with slides, monkey grove, climbing wall, zorba balls. The next variations of this day will be playing mega football, fighting sumo, shooting football to the goal.

The Egger Group's mission is to create more from wood. Therefore, using our product - chipboard - we want to invite the youngest to participate in extremely creative decoupage techniques. It is a form that allows releasing fantasy and creating, with the help of stationery, glue and varnish, extremely creative work. Our instructors will explain step by step how to prepare a picture with the decoupage technique.

In our next tent, we will want to encourage kids to decorate houses for homeless dogs and cats. The finished kennels will then be donated to the kids volunteers who care about homeless cats and dogs in Biskupiec and the surrounding area.

Involvement in the life of the local community is one of the values ​​most appreciated by the EGGER Group employees. The company's factories are built for many years of operation. The employees employed in it are mainly residents of the surrounding production plants and the region. That is why long-term neighborly relations are so important for EGGER. The Group actively participates in the development of regions in which it operates and willingly cooperates with local authorities. It supports residents of towns where its factories operate in both social and educational activities. Supporting teaching activities is one of the company's priorities. It runs numerous educational programs in schools, sponsors regional initiatives, organizes its own events and supports a healthy diet and life. One of them is the "EGGER runs" campaign, in which, for every kilometer run by an employee in an organized running event, the Group allocates funds for local charities.


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