EGGER was a partner of the Biskupiec children's science workshops

On the 3th of June, in the city park of Biskupiec the family picnic organized by the City Hall on the occasion of Children's Day took place. The theme of the event was the game with science.
EGGER was the co-organizer of educational workshops for the youngest.

At this year's Children's Day celebration, local authorities organized a number of educational games in collaboration with EGGER in order to acquaint children with the secrets of the natural sciences in an interesting way. During the workshop named "Build Your DNA," animators have brought children closer to the secrets of the genetic structure of the human body by playing with the jelly beans. The youngest also participated in activities called "Playing with biochemistry", thanks to which they have learned what are the features of liquid nitrogen and they have had the opportunity to peek into the tissue through the microscopes. The workshop "Nature for beautiful skin" was dedicated to the preparation of ecological cosmetics for daily skin care. Participants learned how to make homemade creams, peels and shower gels. During the "Little Explorer" workshop, the toddlers took part in a series of experiments. They have learned what a non-Newtonian liquid is and have distinguish the differences between acids and bases. They also painted on milk and prepared colorful volcanoes.

Involvement in the local community life is one of the most important values shared by employees of the EGGER Group. The company's factories are built for long-term use. The staff of these factories are mainly the inhabitants of the area of production plants and the region. That is why long-lasting good-neighborly relationships are so important for EGGER. The Group is actively involved in the development of the regions in which it operates and is willing to cooperate with the local authorities. It supports the inhabitants of the locality where its factories operate, in the area of social activities, as well as the area of education. It runs numerous educational programs in schools, sponsors regional initiatives, organizes its own events, and promotes healthy eating and life. An example of these initiatives is “EGGER runs” campaign. For every kilometer run by the employee the company donates funds to local charities.


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