EGGER plant in Romania

The EGGER plant in Radauti is one of the largest greenfield investments in Romania, in which about 500 million Euro has been invested so far and which employs more than 850 people.

It was launched in 2008 and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.


Manufactured products

- raw particle board,

- melamine faced chipboards


for the furniture industry, wooden constructions, distributors of wood materials and carpenters.


The factory also has an adhesive production plant, which produces adhesives and impregnating resins, which are used to refine decorative paper, but also for the production of raw boards and OSB boards.

The EGGER Radauti plant has a unique wood recycling instalation. EGGER Romania has established the first pillars of the integrated collection and recycling of wood by-products through three collection platforms in Romania (EGGER Timberpak Cernica, Cluj-Napoca and Chitila) as well as in the wood recycling plant and biomass power plant at the Radauti plant. In Rădăuţi, our company developed an integrated system for the collection and reuse of recyclable wood: damaged pallets, old furniture, chipboard waste, wood packaging, wood waste from construction and demolition, municipal wood waste or biomass. EGGER Timberpak, the company that collects recycled wood and installs a recycling facility at the EGGER production plant, are solutions that ensure a sustainable and secondary life cycle of wood materials.

Founded in Romania, the Egger Foundation is committed to social, educational and cultural activities aimed at the local community and offers support to those in need. Below are some examples of projects in which it has been involved:

- 2 Radauti playgrounds have been renovated;

- With the support of the foundation 5 operating rooms of Radauti hospital were modernized;

- 10 physics laboratories from 10 secondary schools in Suceava County received equipment;

- Rebuilt houses for flood victims;

- County health education project - first aid saves lives;

- Modern equipment for neonatal wards of hospitals in Rădăuţi and Gura Humorului



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