EGGER Strategic Partner of the 3rd National Furniture Congress "Polish furniture - competitive Poland". - Waldemar Zawiślak received the "Ambassador of Furniture" award

On 12 September 2018, during the Drema fair in Poznań, the Polish Furniture Congress "Polish Furniture - Competitive Poland" was held. The event was organized by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, Poznań International Fair and Promedia. This year's meeting of the leaders of the Polish furniture industry was held under the slogan "Global standards - global competition". The Congress was opened by the President of the Poznań International Fair Management Board, Przemysław Trawa, President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, Jan Szynaka and Deputy Minister of Investment and Development Paweł Chorąży.

- Automation is an opportunity for the development of the furniture sector in Poland. I am convinced that investments in this area will translate into the expansion of Polish companies on foreign markets, so that Poland can become the largest furniture manufacturer in the world - said Paweł Chorąży, Deputy Minister of Investment and Development, opening the furniture congress at MTP in Poznań.

The participants of the congress discussed, among others, opportunities and threats to the furniture industry, including in particular waste amendments, LULUCF or the new water law. During the session, the best practices of factory organizations that are conducive to increasing productivity were presented.

An important topic discussed in the first panel discussion was closed-circuit economy. It was in this part that Waldemar Zawiślak, a representative of our company, presented how the closed cycle at EGGER looks like - from the tree to the final product. Thinking about its core values, EGGER emphasises the sustainable use of raw materials. Our activities focus on a closed cycle of materials. We focus on fully integrated factories that are located in close proximity to each other. Wood is first used as a material for the production of solid wood in a sawmill, as well as wood-based materials. Recycled waste and recycled wood that is not suitable for further processing is used to generate energy in our biomass power plants. Here we close the circle of our philosophy. By using heat to produce from our biomass-fired power plants, we are able to eliminate many tonnes of Co2 compared to the energy produced by burning natural gas. This is in line with the principle of optimal and environmentally friendly use of our raw material, i.e. wood. We are mindful of the special welfare of our main supplier: nature.


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