EGGER supported children's and youth groups from Tęcza Biskupiec Club

At the beginning of the spring season, EGGER decided to support the local football team from Biskupiec. Within the framework of the project "We support young talents" we have once again financed the purchase of more than 100 sportswear for young footballers from BKS Tęcza.

The EGGER Group continuously undertakes activities aimed at the development and education of the inhabitants of the localities in which it operates. In the regions where our production facilities are located, we run educational programmes in schools and organise events for the inhabitants, depending on the needs of a given market. We also support various types of local institutions. We also devote a lot of attention to the promotion of sport by organising, among other things, "EGGER runs" in which our employees take part, and we donate the income from each kilometre they run to charity.

Due to the fact that in each country we apply the same rules of cooperation, we decided to support again the local sports team from Biskupiec. On the 6th of April 2019, during the break of the BKS Tęcza Biskupiec match, we handed over to the President of the club Mr. Adam Świokło sports sets for 7 groups of children and youth team BKS Tęcza, a total of more than 100 sets.

We wish young players many victories on the pitch and keep our fingers crossed for the development of their careers in the future.


EGGER Biksupiec Team

Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec sp. z o.o.


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