EGGER supported the local kindergarten

We are pleased to announce that at the end of the year we were able to contribute to the functioning of the local kindergarten no. 5 in Biskupiec. In response to the parents' request, Egger Biskupiec purchased carpets for 5 kindergarten rooms. We are aware that children spend a lot of time on the floor during the day: playing, learning and resting. We are therefore delighted that this purchase has allowed us to renovate the furnishings and improve the comfort of the children's learning.

Involvement in the life of the local community is one of the values most valued by the EGGER Group's employees. Its employees are mainly residents of the surrounding production plants and the region. For EGGER, it is therefore important to have lasting neighbourly relations. It supports the inhabitants of the localities in which its factories operate, both in the area of social and educational activities.


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