EGGER supported young athletes from Biskupiec

This autumn, EGGER decided to support the local football team from Biskupiec. As part of the "We support young talents" project, we financed the purchase of sports outfits for young players from BKS Tęcza team.

EGGER Group is constantly taking action aimed at developing and educating residents of the places where it operates. In the regions where our production plants are located, depending on the needs of a society, we conduct educational programs in schools and we organize events for the local community. We also support various types of local institutions. What is more, we are committed to the promotion of sport by organizing, among others, "EGGER runs" project, in which our employees take part. The income from each kilometer they run helps those in need.

Due to the fact that in each country we apply the same principles of cooperation, we decided to support the local sports team from Biskupiec. We equipped the youngest footballers of the BKS Tęcza team in winter jackets, hats and gloves. We hope that thanks to the new outfits, the young athletes will be able to train throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions, and thus maintain a good shape necessary to achieve victory on the field.

We wish young footballers success and keep our fingers crossed for the future development of their careers.



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