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On 13-21 July 2019, the National Meetings of Architecture Students took place - one of the largest architectural events in Poland, having a very significant impact on the formation of new generations of architects. 70 best architecture students from all over Poland met in Warsaw to participate in lectures, debates and architectural workshops. Among the sponsors of this prestigious event was also EGGER company. Students were divided into groups of several people working on individual projects under the supervision of tutors. The main theme of this event was the slogan "Fairy tale".

Also workshops on edge banding of panel samples, organized by EGGER employees, took place in a magical, fairy tale aura. Only a short, but very practical and substantive presentation by Wojciech PytliƄski, EGGER Architects' Advisor, interrupted the fairytale mood for a moment, adding a touch of realism to the event.

An interesting event in which EGGER also participated was a lecture by Edith Paul entitled "Architect - the genius of an individual or the strength of a team". The workshop took place on 11 July 2019 in Sopot. Discussions about the role of the architect turned out to be very turbulent and interesting, especially as many architects took part in them. Talks were also held behind the scenes. Soon there will be presentations for architects in other Polish cities, which we co-organize together with the Cluster of the Academy of Architects and to which we invite you today!


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