EGGER will build a biomass co-incineration plant

Sustainable development is a strategic goal for EGGER, which is a part of the company's mission of "More from wood." The philosophy of the company is based on two pillars - the use of best available technologies and the organization of production in accordance with a closed environmental cycle. The biomass co-incineration plant will be built as in planned factory in Biskupiec. It will generate additional industrial heat source for the factory’s own needs from the remnants of chipboard materials [incineration].

A low emission biomass co-incineration plant will be a part of the chipboard factory in Biskupiec. The installation will be completely safe for the inhabitants and environmentally neutral. It will be able to burn such materials as old wood packaging, used pallets, residues from wood processing (e.g. chips, sawdust), sorted recycled paper and cardboard waste, woody material from the forest industry (e. g. bark) and a biodegradable agricultural biomass.

The main task of the installation will be heat production for the factory needs. The biomass co-incineration plant will be equipped with one chimney. The state-of-the-art exhaust filter technologies used in it will allow for emission parameters fully compliant with Polish and EU standards. Biomass co-incineration plants are one of the renewable energy sources widely used in Poland and in the world. They are used as an independent installations and as a part of production plants.

Sustainable development is a priority for EGGER. Company's mission "More from wood" emphasizes that wood is used responsibly in production. Through the organization of production cycles, EGGER is confident that once-used wood product, such as furniture, will be reused in the factory in the recycled form. Multiple use of the same raw material, ensures the sustainability of production. In this way, up to 30% of the wood used in EGGER Group's plants is recycled.


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