EGGER Biskupiec factory grows dynamically

The first buildings and installations have already appeared at the EGGER investment plot in Biskupiec. Construction works are carried out according to plan, despite the weather conditions. The team that will be working in the production plant in future also grows dynamically. Currently, over 160 people are employed. Recruitment for typical production positions will begin soon.

Construction site

On the investment plot in Biskupiec, where the first Polish production plant of the EGGER Group is being built for over six months, warehouses for finished goods and a maintenance building are already visible. Under construction are currently production buildings – for raw and laminated boards, in which production lines are already being installing. The road infrastructure has been developed – the asphalt has covered more internal streets. In the coming months
will be created: chip preparation building, high-bay warehouse, building with rooms for employees and storage yard for timber. Every day the company ensure cleanliness in the area of the investment plot. Mickiewicza Street and part of national road No. 16 are washed on a current basis. To build its new factory EGGER uses products offered by local enterprises such as steel, concrete and other materials. The investor also established cooperation with local construction and transport companies. About 700 people currently work on the construction site.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and sustainable use of raw materials are extremely important to us. We are well aware that the region of Warmia and Mazury is the "Green Lungs of Poland", which is why we pay particular attention to the quality of air in the area of investment. Therefore, we will equip the factory with the most modern installations limiting amount of pollutants spread into the atmosphere. This type of emission will be minimized by the use of low-emission burners, bag filters, cyclones, a wet electro-filter, a biological purifier and a wet scrubber at the industrial press hall. All these technologies are considered to be the best available emission reduction techniques in this industry – said Waldemar Zawiślak, Board Member of EGGER Biskupiec.

It is worth mentioning that the company has started the construction of two wastewater treatment plants. The first installation will be responsible for treating rainwater and snowmelt, which will be used in our production processes and as water for in-house fire protection systems. Before the water will go to retention reservoirs, pre-treatment will be carried out involving the mechanical removal of solid particles. Sedimentation will be carried out in tanks. Then, the water discharged from the tanks will be filtered. The water will be drained into the municipal rainwater system only in the event of its surplus in retention reservoirs. Its quality will be carefully checked in accordance with the conditions of the water law permit. The second sewage treatment plant will additionally clean the process water from the plant before it will go to the municipal sewage system and wastewater treatment plant. The quality of sewage discharged by the plant to the municipal sewage system will be in accordance with the agreements with Water Supply
and Sewerage Company.

Employment in EGGER Biskupiec

EGGER Biskupiec (formerly Horizont Project Development) has already employed over 160 people since the beginning of last year. Over 90% of them are residents of Biskupiec and neighboring communes located in distant to a maximum of 40 kilometers from the factory. There are both highly qualified professionals and those who are just gaining their first skills and experiences. The electricians, automation engineers, mechanics and production line operators employed by the company are now intensively trained in EGGER plants in Austria and Romania. So far, the company has managed to almost complete departments of purchase, maintenance, customer service, accounting and HR. Recruitment for the financial controlling team and the logistics department is still being conducted. The company is also looking for 160 machine operators. Soon recruitment for typical production positions will begin.

As our first experiences have shown, the inhabitants of Biskupiec and the surrounding areas are lively interested in EGGER factory job offers and they gladly take part in the recruitment process. We are proud that the company attracts motivated people who want to build branch in Biskupiec from the scratch.Our employees can count on stable employment conditions and the possibilities  of development. Rotations in our Group are rare. Most of the staff have been working  with us for many years. They have been developing their careers within our company structure. We provide all new employees with necessary training and we are happy to teach them new skills. Our staff can also expect a friendly atmosphere of the family company – said Magdalena Mokot, Kierownik działu Zasobów Ludzkich w firmie EGGER Biskupiec. Everyone interested in the job can follow the company's offers placed in the "job offers" tab on the website, on the portal and on information boards located in the center of Biskupiec as well as in the Biskupiec Labor Office.

Involvement in the life of the local community

From the beginning of its presence in Biskupiec, EGGER has been involved in local and regional events and initiatives. Recently, the company's representatives participated in such event as the job fairs in Szczytno and in Olsztyn where they presented career opportunities in the company's structures. EGGER employees are already planning to participate in further regional career events, including job fairs in Biskupiec, Kolno, Mrągowo and Pasym. The company also regularly meets high school students. In March, representatives of EGGER took part in the "Technical Week at School" initiative and visited the Construction School named after Soldiers of the Home Army in Olsztyn. On the 10th of April, the company's representatives took part in the quarterly meeting for local entrepreneurs in Biskupiec.

It is also worth mentioning the financial support provided by the Austrian investor to the Poviat Hospital named after Jan Mikulicz in Biskupiec during the Second Bishop's Charity Ball. Małgorzata Chyziak, Olsztyn Starost, gave EGGER the Angel of Charity statuette for the largest donation in one of the auctions. – We could not miss such an important and necessary event –emphasized Barbara Walczyk, responsible for PR and Communications at EGGER Biskupiec
as part of our support, we also provided an all-inclusive voucher for the hotel, which is located in the beautiful tourist town of St. Johann in Tirol, where our headquarters and one of the factories are located.

In the following months, EGGER will take part in local Children's Day celebrations and Bishops' Days. Additionally, the investor also plans to open the summer EGGER tent in the city center as a supplement to the currently functioning information boards and company website. Last year, this activity was very popular. Meetings with the locals in the EGGER tent were a great opportunity for mutual exchange of information. They have also proved to be an important element in building good relationships with the local community.

Development of the city

The presence of EGGER in Biskupiec positively influenced the development of the local real estate market. The company bought a dozen apartments for its employees from a local construction entrepreneur. The emergence of a large investor in a small town also resulted in a revival in hotel and catering services. Entrepreneurs from other industries, including services and trade (transport, cleaning services, protection) also gain.

Positive impact on the development of local entrepreneurship is, along with stable jobs provided by our factory, one of the most important benefits that residents of Biskupiec and the surrounding areas will notice. We believe that thanks to the establishment of our plant, local companies will be able to expand their operations, create new jobs and strengthen their competitiveness on the market. It would not have been possible without the involvement and support of local and regional authorities as well as the managing board of Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone. We are grateful to the Mayor of Biskupiec, Commune Council members, Olsztyn Starost and the Voivode of Warmia and Mazury, that thanks to their favor we can, through the development of our business, revive economically the region, which until now was characterized by high unemployment – said Waldemar Zawiślak, Board Member of EGGER Biskupiec.

Arena Design Fair

Apart from its activity in Biskupiec, EGGER has been actively participating in important industry events for many years. Between 6th and 9th March 2018 at arenaDesign in Poznań, the Austrian entrepreneur presented Egger premium products and news in the field of trends and visualizations. The main subject of the exhibition were very modern wood-based materials, such as wooden surfaces and structures and high gloss and deep mat boards. There was also a new collection of laminate floors EGGER PRO 2018-2010. ArenaDesign was an opportunity to share information with the visitors on the progress of building the EGGER factory in Biskupiec. During the fair, our stand was visited by many customers who are looking forward to opening the factory in Biskupiec. Thanks to the new plant, Polish companies from the furniture industry will gain easier access to high quality raw material. It will certainly facilitate and accelerate the production of furniture on the local market – said Waldemar Zawiślak, Board Member of EGGER Biskupiec.


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