EGGER Group builds a new chipboard plant in Biskupiec

The international wood-based materials company EGGER with partners and stakeholders, has officially commenced the construction of chipboard production plant in Biskupiec. The greenfield investment is the 19th plant of the EGGER Group and the first in Poland. The investment volume is approx. 1 bln PLN, being one of the biggest investment in the history of the region.

The symbolic act of pushing the first shovel into the ground marked the start of the construction of the newest EGGER Group plant in Biskupiec, in the region of Warmia-Mazury. The very first EGGER plant in Poland will be the most modern wood processing plant in the Group, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technologies. The plant will produce approximately 650 000 cubic meters of chipboards annually. The investment is valued approx. 1 bln PLN. After months of preparation, the company has started the building works. The new plant is planned to start its production in Q4 2018.

“I am delighted to announce that Poland will soon join EGGER production network. We already have over 150 clients in the country and the construction of the chipboard plant in Biskupiec is dedicated mostly to meet the demands of growing local market, as we expect its further development in the upcoming years. The plant will meet highest standards in terms of sustainable production, technologies used and neutral influence on natural environment. Our investment will create total up to 1000 jobs and I am sure will make positive impact on economic and social development in Warmia and Mazury region.” said Michael Egger, owner of EGGER Group.

400 new jobs will be created directly at EGGER's nineteenth factory; additional 600 new employees will be hired by company’s partners and subcontractors. Biskupiec will be a key plant for EGGER Group in this part of Europe. The plant’s products will target both Polish and regional external markets. Besides of raw chipboards, the plant will produce chipboards with decorative surfaces and other processed materials for the Polish and international furniture producers and interior design companies.

The first Polish EGGER plant will be a part of Warmia-Mazury Special Economic zone and will be located on 85 hectares plot, close to intersection of national roads No.16 and 57, outside of Biskupiec. The plant will be divided into several major parts, such as wood storage, production halls, further processing, product magazine and administration. The location of different parts of the factory has been chosen in such a way as to minimize the impact of the factory on the surroundings and the environment. EGGER is the pioneer in the industry in terms of ecological production processes. EGGER materials will be produced according to strict guidelines and must be subject to regular internal and external examinations.

"For us, inhabitants of the town and the municipality of Biskupiec, it is a historic moment. This plant means multidimensional changes: an injection of energy for the whole region, a revitalization of the local economy, jobs for our residents and new faces on the Biskupiec streets. We are the object of jealousy of many communities. I believe that together with EGGER we will create a good, neighborly relationship" - said Kamil Kozlowski, Mayor of the Biskupiec.

A family company and solid investor

EGGER Group, as a family company that focuses on long-term investments, supports the economic and social development of the region where is operates. Creating around 400 direct and further 600 indirect jobs in local companies is just the beginning. Through the increased attractiveness for other investors, the construction of the plant will lead to the economic activation of the region, including, future investors and the development of catering services, hospitality, building sector and building suppliers, maintenance industry, transport and translation services. The investment in Biskupiec will also contribute to the entrepreneurship development of the local community and of the region, as EGGER always cooperates with local partners and aims to employ people from the region where it operates.

Highest standards and sustainable production

The new EGGER plant will meet high environmental standards of production. According to its motto “More from wood”, EGGER treats wood as a renewable resource and uses it in the production in a sustainable way. Up to 30% of wood used in production in EGGER plants comes from recycling. Additionally, the implementation of best available technology policy will guarantee, that the most effective and advanced equipment, installations, technological solutions, methods of operations and other activities to will be used in Biskupiec.

Recruitment and dialogue with local community

Even though it will be months before the actual production start, EGGER is already running a recruitment campaign in media, local and regional job fairs, as well as cooperating with job offices in Biskupiec and neighboring cities. As the company’s policy is to invest and benefit from local workforce, majority of current 40 staff of EGGER in Biskupiec comes either from the city or its close surrounding areas. At the moment, EGGER is offering mostly construction-related positions, including mechanic, electrician and maintenance specialists, but the recruitment process for the production will start in Spring 2018. Everyone interested in joining the dynamic team and becoming part of a unique project is encouraged to send the CV to: All the current job offers are also available at:, and in three information boards in the city center of Biskupiec.

Wherever EGGER is present, the company’s aim is to be a good neighbor for local community. Therefore, the company runs effective dialogue with local community in Biskupiec, including information campaign, direct meetings, investment folders, media presence in local and regional events in order to deliver clear message about the benefits and long-term engagement in the city.


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