Hospital support contract signed

The hospital in Biskupiec has money for a new CT scanner. Half a million PLN for the purchase of the device will be added by EGGER Biskupiec. This is a result of an agreement signed today between the company's management and the hospital's management. The modern device costs 1 million 300 thousand PLN. The Jan Mikulicz County Hospital in Biskupiec received 600 thousand zlotys of subsidies from the Marshal's Office for its purchase. The remaining amount was donated by private companies from Biskupiec. Among them EGGER company donated 500 thousand zlotys. Today (Friday, 19th June) the agreement on the donation was signed by the representatives of EGGER Biskupiec Ovidiu Olari and Waldemar Zawiślak and the director of Jan Mikulicz County Hospital in Biskupiec Marta Maciejewska.

           "Social responsibility and assistance of the local community is an important element of our mission. We do not remain indifferent to the problems of the local community. We hope that the new equipment will serve the inhabitants of Biskupiec and its surroundings for a long time". - said after signing the contract Waldemar Zawiślak. Ovidiu Olari added that the company is sensitive to the needs of residents wherever it operates: "Wherever our factories operate, we are trying very hard to be a godd partner for the residents. We support institutions and organizations that work for the community."

As the director of the hospital Marta Maciejewska emphasizes, the new device is very much needed: "The previous CT scanner was outdated and dysfunctional. Its servicing was expensive. The new device is a newer generation of equipment. It will provide much better service for our patients. It will also allow us to sign a contract with the National Health Fund to conduct outpatient examinations."

Andrzej Abako, starost of Olsztyn, is satisfied with the support of local companies: "We are very happy to have companies that are committed to corporate social responsibility. Thanks to EGGER's commitment, the community of Biskupiec and the district will be able to use the most modern equipment. Thank you very much for this support!"


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