EGGER took part in Industry Seminar concerning the reconstruction of vocational education

We are pleased to inform you that the Warmia and Mazury Superintendent of Education and the Directors of Olsztyn Vocational Schools - the organizers of the Industry Seminar - invited us to discuss the subject of vocational education.

At the meeting that took place on June 4 at the Building School Complex, the crucial issue of rebuilding vocational education was discussed. The industry seminar is a meeting of representatives of education and business. At the interface between these two environments, a new educational model is forged, as the cooperation of employers with vocational schools is essential.

The speakers included: Krzysztof Krzysztof Nowacki - Warmian-Mazurian Education Superintendent, Mrs. Sława Agata Gęśla - Deputy Director of the Pedagogical Supervision Department of the Education Board in Olsztyn, Grzegorz Smoliński - President of the Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone, Mrs. Lidia Nowacka - Team Director School of Building in Olsztyn and Mrs. Ewa Kaliszuk - Director of the Mechanical and Energy School in Olsztyn.

One of the basic ways to change the perception of education in a vocational school is to show young people how much the realities of work and the pay of graduates from vocational schools have changed. Their presentation is one of the assumptions of the Laboratory program and a joint undertaking of the Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone and a school board of education. The program aims to convince students who finish high school to choose a vocational school.

Our factory of chipboard in Biskupiec, after starting production, will also closely cooperate with local vocational schools - we will accept students for apprenticeships, based on a cooperation agreement with individual educational institutions. A similar program already exists in our factories in Austria. The teaching schedule is arranged in such a way that, in addition to theoretical classes, we focus mainly on practical classes - in our factory. Each trainee is assigned a mentor who familiarizes him with the functioning of our company, our philosophy and principles and then over the next months supervises the education of such a person. After finishing vocational education and training in Egger, such a person can count on employment in our factory.

The material on this event was prepared by TVP:


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