Project "Santa Claus" 2019 - EGGER supported 3 entities from Biskupiec

There comes a time that is said to be the most wonderful in the year. A time filled with the sound of bells, the smell of carnations and the rustling of gift paper. It is also a time of gestures - the larger ones, planned with the flush on your face and the completely small and often completely unexpected ones. On Christmas it is worth surprising - because the good that nobody expects comes back with double the strength.

This year we decided that there will be several Christmas gifts from us and it will be something special. Something that cannot be simply packed in a box. This thing is a gesture. Again we have donated our Christmas gift budget, which EGGER Group has so far spent on Christmas presents, to charity. The Biskupiec organisation could not be missing from our list of beneficiaries.

On 16, 18 and 19 December 2019, Waldemar Zawiślak, on behalf of EGGER Biskupiec, handed over the checks to the representatives: The Public Library in Biskupiec (2000 Euro), WIGOR Day Care Home (1500 Euro) and the Music School in Biskupiec (1500 Euro). The donated funds will enable the library to purchase the necessary equipment for scanning and printing, but also new book items for small and older readers. The charges of the WIGOR House will be able to carry out their plans for a trip to Warsaw, and the students of the Music School will be able to finance trips to music competitions.

We are glad that we could support the local community. We hope that our activities will contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the selected organizations, and that in the future we will continue to cooperate with regard to the activities they carry out.


Team EGGER Biskupiec

Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec


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