Romanian Consul with a visit to EGGER Biskupiec

On December 13th, 2019 we had the honour of hosting Mr. Ovidiu-Stefan Imbre, the Romanian Consul, at our plant in Biskupiec. The purpose of the visit was to visit our investment, but also to learn about the contribution of our subcontractor, Electrogrup PL, to the creation of the first Polish particle board factory of the EGGER Group.

During the visit, Director Ovidiu Olari presented Mr. Consul with the EGGER Group's business profile, our philosophy and the values that guide us every day. Our guest was interested in the choice of the location of our factory - we explained the advantages of Biskupiec and why we decided to locate our plant here. On this occasion we also outlined the importance of the furniture industry for this region of Poland, but also for the entire Polish economy.

The most important point of the meeting was to show Mr. Consul Ovidiu-Stefan Imbre around our production facilities. Walking around the successive halls, we answered questions about the construction process, the involvement of our subcontractor Electrogroup, as well as about, among others, the origin of the raw material we use for production, the technical solutions used, technological solutions responsible for environmental protection.

Mr. Konsul also took the opportunity to meet with Romanian citizens who work in our plant and gave them Christmas and New Year's wishes.

We were also honoured by the presence of the Warmia and Mazury Governor Artur Chojecki and the Mayor of Biskupiec Kamil Kozłowski. Our guests talked about a noticeable development of the region, thanks to the presence of construction company employees during the factory construction phase. This progress can be seen in accommodation services, catering and retail outlets.


Team EGGER Biskupiec

Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec



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