The next step to the introduction of our new EGGER 2020-22 Decorative Collection is behind us!

On 28th November 2019 we met with our business partners in Łódź to present the details of the new Collection, which will be available for sale in February 2020!

The collection was created to encourage discovery: more possibilities, more inspiration, more decors and structures, but also more services included in a harmonious package and better access to information about the collection, thanks to the new EGGER App.

"The collection will be valid for next 3 years. We have maintained the availability of our popular decors in our range. Compared to the previous one, the new Collection has been changed by 30% to create optimal space for new solutions. In this way, we remain true to our promise to ensure the reliability and continuity of the collection, while at the same time following and responding to current trends and market developments. ", says Hubert Höglauer, Marketing Director of the EGGER Group.


Team EGGER Biskupiec

Pictures: EGGER Biskupiec


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