Visit of the One-Day Mayor of the Biskupiec to EGGER Biskupiec

On the 20th of August, 2018, together with the Mayor of Kamil Kozlowski, we were visited on the construction site by Mr. Tadeusz Kobus, the one-day Mayor of the town of Biskupiec. Mr. Tadeusz Kobus won the seat of mayor for one day at the auction during the last finals of the Great  Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

The new mayor took part in a meeting between the gardeners from Biskupiec and our representatives, at which the details of land development near the plots of land and the current beach on Lake Kraksy were established. Taking advantage of the presence of the vice-president of the plots neighbouring us, we analyzed and arranged the land along the plots as well as in the vicinity of the canal.  The Mayor of Kobus approved the beach project on Kraksy Lake. After the summer holidays we start with the building works.


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