Water management of the Egger Biskupiec plant

Environmental protection and the sustainable use of raw materials are of the utmost importance to Egger. All these activities are aimed at reducing emissions and the environmental impact of the plant.

As a wood processing company, we use water during the production process. In the water management of the Biskupiec plant, we will also be guided by the philosophy of sustainable use of available raw materials. The plant will use three sources: rainwater, which will be used in addition to urban water, and emergency well water.

The water intake from our wells is designed so as not to affect neighboring areas, and the source water intake will not be drinkable.

The rainwater from the plant will be collected in two retention reservoirs and used for production and fire protection purposes.

If the water level in the reservoirs reaches the maximum level (after exceptionally intensive rainfall), the water will be purified in separators on the plant premises and only after such process will be gradually by using pumps, discharged to the municipal rainwater drainage system and finally to the Kraksy Lake.

The quality of rainwater accumulated in retention reservoirs and directed by the urban rainwater drainage system to the lake will be thoroughly checked, in accordance with the terms of the water law permit and the applicable regulations.

Before the production starts, the quality of the lake water and the level will be tested in order to determine the initial parameters.

The technological solutions applied by us will make the water purification as efficient as possible, thus enabling the protection of the environment and the quality of the surface and ground waters


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