We talk with the inhabitants of Biskupiec

In order to provide residents of the Biskupiec commune with the access to relevant information concerning the planned chipboard factory, from last April we organize regular information points and meetings.As part of the proactive communication activities, we have presented an exhibition “EGGER Truck” in July. Inhabitants can also visit our summer information tent in the city center, which will be open until 30 August.

The first talks with the inhabitants of Biskupiec took place last spring with the opening of the cyclical information points at EGGER's headquarters at Grunwaldzka Street. Additionally, on the 29th of May at the Culture Center Waldemar Zawiślak, Sales Director of EGGER Poland, together with the Mayor of Biskupiec and environmental expert, conducted a presentation devoted to the planned chipboard factory and they have answered visitors questions. The company also took part in the organization of the Children's Day celebration.

At the beginning of summer holidays we have opened a new meeting place – an information tent set up at Plac Wolności, where EGGER representatives are available on every Wednesday. This form of communication is popular among the local community and every week there are more people willing to visit our stand. Biskupiec and the surrounding area inhabitants usually want to get more detailed information about the conditions of employment and the recruitment process. At each of the meetings, visitors can find out which positions we are currently seeking candidates for and how our recruitment plan looks like. Apart from issues related to the employment, our representatives are open to discuss all aspects of the investment.

During the celebrations of the Biskupiec Days mobile exposition of EGGER’s products and technological processes was also popular among the local community. EGGER Truck visitors could learn how closed production cycle works in our company and what motto "More from wood" means in practice. Animated and documentary films have explained them what our closed cycle environment is and why sustainable development is so important for us. A significant element of the exhibition was also a virtual home, which gives a possibility to take a virtual walk in the apartments interiors. Visitors had also an opportunity to see products from our 2017 – 2019 collection of decorative materials for objects and equipment stores. It includes a comprehensive assortment of decors, surface structures and state-of-the-art technologies, as well as an extensive selection of products and intelligent services.

Everyone who have not talked with us about planned activities of EGGER in Biskupiec is welcome to visit our summer information tent. It will be open on the 23th and 30th of August at the parking lot at Plac Wolności between 11am and 4pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

EGGER team

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